Solar School Services

Is your School’s Solar System:

  • Producing the financial returns that it SHOULD be?
  • Delivering the Educational and Environmental Benefits it CAN be?
  • SAFE?

“Maybe … I don’t know
… we
don’t see any evidence of it on our bills?
… it
was great doing the initial install-but now what? 
what are we getting out of our system educationally?”

What we do

Efficient Initiatives' School Solar Services team solves all this for you.  We provide a safety inspection, rectification and reporting service to provide you with peace of mind and to ensure that you are not losing money.  At the same time we’ll help you to maximise the educational benefits of the system and give you options for improvement that fit with your school’s needs.

Our Service, starting from $290, includes:

  • Review of your power bills
  • Thermographic inspection of your inverter and PV switchboard
  • Involvement of students in the inspection
  • Ability to fix many system problems immediately – otherwise we will organise the fix for you.
  • Update of your system documentation
  • Optional on roof detailed inspection and clean
  • Written report

Our Services - Options and Costs

Our basic service is not at all basic! It includes:
Review of your power bills
Detailed inspection of your inverter(s) and PV distribution boards
Location for your operations and maintenance documentation
Written report
Discussion with students and staff during the inspection
Our intermediate service covers safety and future output in more detail. In addition to the “Basic” items, we add:
Rooftop inspection of all solar panels (up to 40 panels)
Clean of panels where required
Inspection of rooftop isolators, cabling, earthing
Immediate provision of quotes for rectification, and able to rectify many items on the spot
Our advanced service is the same as our intermediate service, plus:
Analysis of interval data
Other OptionsSystem size > 40 panels: Additional cost per 40 panels.
Professional Development session of up to 1 hour for staff, or session for students and staff, covering solar, storage and energy efficiency education.
Ongoing annual full service: monthly remote review of production vs expectations & immediate reporting of anomalies, annual inspection, rooftop clean and report: $580 for up to 10kW. Note that this option requires the school to have an internet based monitoring system - we can provide a great one.

  • Damaged solar panels: if only we'd been called in to inspect these ...

About Solar School Services

School Solar Services combines the expertise of PlanetSavers and Efficient Initiatives. We have more than 20 years of experience delivering school sustainability audits, solar PV systems and energy efficiency upgrades.  We’ve engaged students and staff on energy issues at hundreds of schools.  We have a suite of schools for whom we monitor, maintain and report on their solar PV systems.

Act Now

Ensure that your system is SAFE before summer, when faults are most likely to occur
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