Efficient Initiatives is an Australian company based in Melbourne that provides efficiency and energy solutions to schools, universities, aged care facilities, social and commercial housing, council buildings, offices and apartment blocks.

Our audits and energy solutions will help you to save money, improve efficiency, and increase the comfort of your staff, students, residents and clients.  Our service, reporting and maintenance solutions ensure that your investments in energy generation stay safe, produce at their best and help you to maximise returns over time.  More About Us

Reduce your exposure to the rising costs of energy

By lowering consumption, generating energy onsite and negotiating the best possible energy rates

Increase comfort

Keeping warm in winter and cool in summer, maximising natural light and preparing your building for temperature extremes

Develop your strategic energy architecture

Achieve the best outcomes over the long term, by optimising energy use within the plans for your business

What we bring to your facility:

  • Focused on the whole life of your facility – both cost reduction & comfort improvement.
  • Deep understanding of all aspects of energy consumption and building performance, across building lifecycle from planning, through operations to maintenance.
  • Independent from suppliers for unbiased planning and implementation.
  • Great experience across a variety of types of facilities and sectors, including aged care, education, owners corporations.

Our Energy Efficiency Framework:

Lower Energy Consumption and Cost

Improved Resident, Student and Client Comfort

Enhanced Staff Productivity

Efficient Initiatives' comprehensive five step process:

Take the first step

towards your energy future