Monitoring and Reporting

Once your facility has been upgraded, made more comfortable and "future proofed" - it's important that energy and efficiency don't just get forgotten.  You really need someone who knows about your facility to keep an eye on things, to alert you to new opportunities and to identify when things are going "off the rails".

Opportunities may include changes in technology, changes in policy, changes in energy supply contract arrangements.  For example:

  • Presence detection on lighting is close to becoming a useful retrofit option;
  • Solar PV and Battery storage options are rapidly changing - and storage is getting close to being economic for businesses;
  • Electricity supply contract options are evolving;
  • Grant opportunities in the space change rapidly.

Things going "off the rails" could include a light in a hidden space being left on for a long period.

Efficient Initiatives can provide an ongoing energy consumption monitoring service, combined with regular (typically quarterly) analysis of where your consumption is trending and possible suggestions for improvements.

We are also specialists in inspection and monitoring of existing Photovoltaic systems.  We have a number of clients for whom we perform bi-annual or annual detailed inspections and cleaning.  When this is combined with ongoing remote monitoring of your system - you can rely on your production continuing year on year on year.