Aged Care

We were invited to prepare a detailed energy audit of a large (240+ beds) facility. We
investigated electricity and gas consumption in detail, identifying the energy
consumption by building and by consuming area. We also worked with the facility
maintenance team to understand maintenance pain points and the overall maintenance
and building plans – to ensure consistency between our recommendations
and the facility’s needs.

We then proposed a staged implementation of recommended energy efficiency
measures, which would see a dramatic improvement in resident comfort
during both summer and winter as well as a reduction in electricity and gas costs. We
estimate that the savings in energy and gas – at today’s prices – will pay for the costs
of implementation within 8 years. With expected increases in gas prices, we anticipate
that the payback period will actually be closer to 4 years.

The images below show some of what we’ve found and some of what we’ve installed in aged care and related facilities.

  • Aged Care facility indoors