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Efficient Initiatives overall business process is shown below.  We work with our clients from an initial assessment, through a detailed energy audit, implementation through to monitoring and reporting.

What an audit is about

An energy audit is a detailed analysis of your facility, identifying energy efficiency and generation projects which could be done, then estimating the costs and benefits associated with each of these possible projects. The aim of the audit is to develop a Strategic Energy Architecture for your business. A plan which you can follow over time to manage your energy costs - but more importantly than that - to get the most out of energy related aspects of your business. For example, energy could be saved by "turning down a heater during winter". But you or your residents or staff still want to be comfortable. Much better to work out where your heat losses are occurring and do something about it - which not only improves winter comfort but also improves summer liveability. Looking at your heater is also not just an energy question - it's a maintenance question. How old is the unit? Is it causing maintenance headaches now? What is its expected lifetime? What is the technology path in heating? It's through this holistic process - asking and finding answers to all these questions, for all of the major energy consuming areas of your facility - that Efficient Initiatives works to improve energy outcomes for you, your staff, your residents or students. For now and for tomorrow.

What an Audit Costs

An energy audit is a significant piece of work. Costs for a detailed audit, to AS/NZ 3598:2000, range from $2,000 up to $20,000 depending on the size of your facility.
It's important to understand the difference between an Audit and an Assessment - there are a number of organisations out there offering what they call audits at low prices ... which are essentially a 30 minute discussion which might include a glance at your electricity bill if you are lucky.

An Efficient Initiatives' assessment:

  • Reviews your bills
  • Includes a facility walkthrough
  • Identifies possible areas for improvement
  • Is a useful precursor to an audit

An Efficient Initiatives' audit:

  • Takes a strategic approach
  • Requires a reasonably detailed knowledge of your business, its facility plans, its maintenance expenditure
  • Undertakes cost/ benefit analysis of possible projects.


Grants and Funding Options

During an Efficient Initiatives Audit, we will identify possible sources of finance for your energy upgrade project.

During the Detailed Design/ Planning and Finance phase, we'll investigate these finance options in detail and develop the right financial package for your project.  We have close links with funding agencies who specialise in the not for profit sector.  It's likely that we'll be able to arrange finance for the project, the costs of which are more than covered by your savings in energy cost.