Energy Efficiency Audit

What is involved in an Energy Efficiency Audit?

An Efficient Initiatives "Energy Audit" is the development of a comprehensive Energy Strategy for your business. Our audit is a thorough investigation based on our combined decades of experience in building thermal performance, in heating and cooling, in energy generation, in lighting and appliances. The audit typically includes:
  • Energy bill analysis
  • Interval data analysis for your electricity consumption
  • Identifying where electricity and gas is being used within your buildings - detailed estimation of the split of consumption by area of the facility and by equipment type
  • Gaining an understanding of how energy consumption fits within your business: how heat and cold affect your staff, customers, residents; what the maintenance "pain points" are now and are likely to be in the future around energy consuming equipment; how much the cost of energy is affecting business decisions that you make today and in the future
  • Understanding your longer term ideas plans for your facility and taking these into account when proposing upgrades
  • Bringing in our detailed understanding of energy related technology: where it is and where it's going ... and how to match the technology with your needs in the optimal ways
  • Identifying a suite of possible Energy Efficiency Measures (EEMs)
  • Conducting cost/ benefit analysis on those EEMs so that we can recommend which are likely to be the best "bang for the buck" for your facility
  • Negotiating better rates for your electricity and gas.