All owner-occupiers of offices share a common problem around energy efficiency – how to keep energy costs under control while ensuring the comfort of their staff – warm in winter and cool in summer.  The approach followed is usually to implement a point solution – fiddle with air conditioning, introduce fans, change over heating or cooling appliances.  Inevitable this leads to frustration and time-wasting.

Efficient Initiatives has worked with office based clients to:

  • Audit energy consumption including detailed analysis of where energy is going
  • Identify Building Management System (BMS) solutions to take over control of existing air conditioning and heating plant – enabling automatic optimisation, better use of ambient air and improving comfort while reducing cost
  • Identify and design dramatically improved lighting solutions.  LED “troffer” lights and surface mount halogen replacements not only improved the lighting performance and halved energy consumption, they also enabled insulation to be laid across the top of the ceiling panels to improve building comfort further
  • Design and install suitable photovoltaic systems to match the reduced energy consumption of the facility, facing panels appropriately to minimise export to the grid and maximise “self use”
  • Identify energy consuming equipment which could be managed by timers to eliminate out of hours energy wastage
  • Design a monitoring and reporting system to enable the customer to track improvements over time – but also to enable the customer to show off their energy project outcomes to their clients.

The slides below show pictures from completed jobs as well as audit and design phase images.

  • The audit report for an office will include a detailed breakdown of where energy is being used today.