Our Energy Framework

Efficient Initiatives uses our Energy Framework as a means of breaking down the possible parts of an energy efficiency and generation retrofit project.  In this series of pages we introduce some of the technologies and techniques used to reduce your energy consumption and energy costs.

At the highest level, our framework is broken down into Demand management and Supply management.

Within Demand management, we investigate and recommend changes covering:

On the Supply side, we investigate and recommend changes including:

  • Self generation of electricity
  • Self generation of heat and cool – through hot water, cogeneration, trigeneration
  • Sourcing the best available rates for power and gas
  • Setting up systems to monitor and report on consumption and costs so that costs are managed into the future
  • Setting up systems to make future recommendations for change based on changing policies and technologies

The overall result of our analysis and retrofit should be a facility which is far more comfortable, much less expensive to run and which has been “future proofed” in terms of technology and some of the big maintenance expenditures you might have otherwise faced.

The bottom line?  Staff, residents and stakeholders all happier and more productive … and your accountant delighted!

Lower Energy Consumption and Cost

Improved Resident, Student and Client Comfort

Enhanced Staff Productivity