Manage Demand: Energy Efficient Lighting

Lights and lighting usually make up 20% to 30% of a facility’s electricity bill.  If lights are on 24 x 7 it can be a lot higher.  Lighting technology has changed enormously in the past 5 years.  So how do you choose what’s right for your business now?

  • LEDs?
  • T5 to T8 retrofit?
  • Motion sensing?  Infrared or microwave?
  • Control systems?
  • What’s the business case for upgrading my lighting now vs waiting and seeing what happens tomorrow?

While we have great relationships with a number of lighting suppliers, Efficient Initiatives are technology neutral and will work with you to design the right lighting system for you.  With the right “colour temperature” and the right selection of presence detection technology.

We often find that we’re replacing light fittings which are getting close to the end of their useful lifetimes – so they would have been repaired within a year or so – which means the payback on retrofitting with new technology can be very very rapid.

The other key thing to remember about lighting is that its impact on energy consumption can be much bigger than you realise: through the heat load that lighting adds to your building’s cooling systems and through the gaps in your ceiling insulation around your light fittings … leaking heat and cold.