Solar School Systems Inspections and Maintenance

There are lots of solar PV systems installed across Australia now – more than 1.5 million installations, with total capacity of more than 4.5GW (Aug 2015).  But how many of these are producing what they should be?  How many have hot spots in their cabling? How many have water damaged isolators?  How many have cables nearly chewed through by possums?

If you don’t know whether your school’s solar PV system is safe, if you don’t know whether it’s producing what it should be … now is the time to investigate.  A good inspection will involve:

  • A licensed electrician
  • A thermographic inspection – to look for hot spots in the cabling and connections
  • An on roof inspection – safely!
  • A review of your production vs what the system should have produced

In the first instance, contact your school’s system’s installer to arrange an inspection – or a specialist solar PV inspector and maintainer such as Efficient Initiatives.  Our Solar School Services team know solar in schools and will have your system inspected, cleaned, repaired if necessary in no time – and will help you with educational outcomes at the same time – so that you can maximise the benefits of your system not worry about things going wrong.

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